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NTU And Volvo Unveil World’s First Full-Size Self-Driving Bus

The bus is equipped with a range of sensors for autonomous navigation and is managed by a secure artificial intelligence system.

5 Ways Supercomputers Make Cities Smart

Supercomputers are helping urban planners run simulations, make predictions and build models, bringing the dream of a smart city closer to reality.

Sustaining Progress with Sustainability

Innovations in urban solutions and sustainability are essential for Singapore's survival and continued success on the global stage.

South Korea Moves Forward With Plans For Hyperloop Train

The Hyper Tube Express could cut traveling time from Seoul to Busan from three hours to 20 minutes.

Singapore’s Serious Smart Mobility Capabilities

The Smart Mobility Test Bed will include 50 vehicles and 35 roadside units throughout NTU Singapore.

After Driverless Cars, Singapore To Test Self-Driving Buses

All aboard! NTU and the Land Transport Authority of Singapore are collaborating on transport research projects into autonomous vehicles and rail network enhancement.

Research To Drive Singapore’s Transport Future

The Land Transport Authority of Singapore will work with three local universities to conduct research into improving the country's transport system.