fuel cells

Self-Regenerating Catalysts Help Fuel Cells Go The Distance

This highly efficient and self-regenerating catalyst could help make solid oxide fuel cells more practical.

UNIST Recognizes Six ‘Rising Star’ Scientists

The title ‘Rising-Star Distinguished Professor’ is awarded to eminent professors who are under the age of 45.

Platinum Fuel Cells Made Practical

By incorporating nickel and other metallic elements into platinum catalysts, researchers have enhanced the performance and durability of fuel cells.

Porous Organic Salts To Stabilize Fuel Cells

Scientists in China have developed a new class of porous organic salts with high proton conductivity to power fuel cells.

Trace Metals Improve Fuel Cell Stability

Scientists in South Korea have used doped electrode materials with small amounts of metal to improve the chemical stability of fuel cells.

With This Fuel Cell, Drones Can Now Fly Longer

Researchers have developed a solid oxide fuel cell that has greater capacity than its lithium ion predecessors, allowing drones to have longer flight times.