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Digging Up The Genetic Origins Of Inner Asia’s Mummies

Genomic analysis of the Tarim Basin mummies has revealed their origins as a local group in China’s Xinjiang region, rather than a migratory population.

Two Coronavirus Lineages But Similar Clinical Outcomes, Study Shows

A study has identified two lineages of SARS-CoV-2 stemming from one common ancestor in Wuhan city, both exhibiting similar virulence and clinical outcomes.

Wuhan Study: Coronavirus RNA Found In Air Droplets

A new study from Wuhan presents evidence for viral RNA in the air, but whether this material has the potential to infect was not assessed.

How Birth Shapes The Baby’s Skin Microbiome

The mode of delivery at birth has long term consequences on a child’s skin microbiome, say scientists in China.

High-Quality Research In China On The Rise

According to the Nature Index 2018 Rising Stars supplement, 51 of the top 100 universities with improved research outputs are located in China.

Air Pollution Linked To Lower Sperm Quality

An international team of scientists have demonstrated that prolonged exposure to particulate matter in the air could affect sperm quality.

Writing Off Cancer With Chinese Calligraphy Ink

Chinese researchers have used ancient calligraphy ink in photothermal therapy to kill cancer cells.

Safe Electrolytes For Bendable Batteries

Scientists have developed flexible batteries that can use saline solution and cellular fluids as electrolyte solutions.

Zhao Dongyuan Wins 2016 TWAS-Lenovo Prize

Chinese materials scientist Zhao Dongyuan is the TWAS-Lenovo Science Prize winner for 2016 for discovering new materials that have had an impact on the environment and human health.

Where In The Brain Does Depression Hide?

This study shows that depression affects the part of the brain which is implicated in non-reward, the lateral orbitofrontal cortex.