Finding Faults Within An Earthquake Zone In Japan

A large mass of rock and sediment accumulated in the Nankai trough is responsible for the violent tectonic behavior of the region.

Why Do Our Mouths Feel Dry After Drinking Wine?

That strange, dry mouth feel after drinking wine happens when tannins in tannic acid bind with mucins on the tongue, causing friction on the tongue's surface.

Slipping Through Tribology’s Past, And A Pinch Of The Future

The study of friction—tribology—is all the more important in our era of machination and automation.

Making Liquids Stay Right Where You Want Them

Additives and micro-contact printing could be used to reduce friction even in microelectromechanical systems, study says.

Artificial Finger Quantifies Touch Sensations

Researchers have developed an artificial finger that can sense the fineness, roughness and slipperiness of a surface.

Controlling Levitating Disks With Nanoscale Textures

Modifying the surface texture between moving objects can generate sufficient gas pressure to cause levitation, scientists show.

High Friction? Change The Direction Your Crystal Faces

Tweaking the orientation of crystal coatings could be a new way to tune frictional properties, scientists say.