food waste

Transforming Food Waste Into Wonder

Creative techniques that repurpose food waste into a range of valuable products are giving even fruit peels and fish scales a new lease on life.

Designing A Menu For The Future

Technological advances and design thinking approaches offered food for thought at TechInnovation 2021 as experts discussed the future of Asia’s agricultural sector.

Extracting New Worth From Food Waste

Novel valorization technologies could help industrial food producers reduce waste and turn it into high-value products. Download our white paper to find out more.

Nuts & Bolts—Towards A Future Without Food Waste

Learn more about the three Tech Offers on food waste valorisation and develop products that are healthy for consumers as well as the planet.

Kickstarting The Search For Sustainable Solutions

Innovators with sustainable solutions will have the opportunity to be awarded up to S$1 million in supporting grants by taking part in this year’s Sustainability Open Innovation Challenge.

An A-Peeling Way To Recycle Batteries

Orange peels are an environmentally-friendly alternative to harmful chemicals and high temperatures used in conventional lithium-ion battery recycling processes.

Packaged For Sustainability (VIDEO)

Mr Ng Pei Kang, founder of sustainable packaging solutions firm TRIA, has developed a compostable material that can be used in place of plastic food packaging.

Nuts & Bolts—Innovation From Farm To Fork

Transforming the food (value) chain: Innovative technologies are changing how food is produced, eaten and finally, recycled.

The Future Of Science We Make (VIDEO)

Ten students from Asia will present their ingenious projects like making medical technologies affordable and using food waste as an energy source at the Google Science Fair in California, USA this year.