food safety

Smart Packaging To Keep Food Fresh For Longer

A smart food packaging material with antimicrobial properties, developed by a Singaporean-American team, could extend the shelf life of fresh produce.

Nuts & Bolts—Keep Clean And Carry On

Maintaining good hygiene involves more than just washing your hands; this month’s TechOffers show new ways to keep germs and diseases at bay.

Singapore: A Sentinel For Southeast Asian Seafood Safety (VIDEO)

What we learnt from the unprecedented 2015 GBS outbreak and its implications for food safety in Southeast Asia.

Nanoparticles Make Pesticide Detection Super Sensitive

Using polystyrene coated magnetic nanoparticles, scientists in Singapore were able to detect trace amounts of pesticide on vegetables in less than two hours.

Cambodia And Belgium Strengthen Ties Through Agro-Food Partnership

Universities and partner institutions in Europe and Southeast Asia are partnering on the Erasmus Plus program to further knowledge in agriculture, food science and technology.

WHO Report Reveals Scale Of Foodborne Disease

Contaminated food kills an estimated 420,000 people each year, with Africa and Asia being the worst hit.

Was The Fish Fresh Before It Was Frozen?

We can't always tell if fish is fresh simply by looking at it, but spectral analyzers might be able to do the trick.

Is The Meat Safe To Eat? Nanotubes Have The Answer

Fluorescent nanotubes that dim in response to amines could be used to detect meat spoilage in near real-time.

Microplastic Waste Found In Sea Salt

Microplastics, which could potentially cause cell damage, have been found in sea salt available in Chinese supermarkets.

SQUIDs Sift Out Metallic Contaminants In Food

Even metallic contaminants as small as 0.3 mm cannot escape the eye of this SQUID-based magnetic sensor.