fluorescent probes

Detecting Kidney Failure Before It Kills

Scientists have developed a probe that can rapidly detect reactive oxygen species, an early indicator of acute kidney failure.

Click To Conserve Breast Tissue

Being able to rapidly and accurately detect the difference between cancerous and non-cancerous breast tissue could be a boon for breast-conserving surgery.

Tracking Oxygen Levels In Living Cells

Scientists have developed a genetically-encoded sensor that can be used to monitor changes in oxygen levels in living cells with high sensitivity and in real time.

Magnesium Makes Chromosomes Condense

Scientists in Japan have developed a new ion detector, MARIO, which shows how free magnesium ions affect chromosome formation.

Shining A Spotlight On Vitamin C

Scientists in Japan have invented a probe that allows the tracking of vitamin C in the bodies of mice.

Enabling High Resolution Imaging Over Time

C-Naphox is a newly developed fluorescent dye that outlasts conventional fluorescent dyes in repeated live cell STED imaging.

Neural Circuits Linked To Excessive Coughing Exposed By Herpes

Fluorescent viral traces have helped identify the specific brain regions triggered during excessive coughing.

Nano-Lanterns, Now In Three Colors

Researchers now have an expanded palette of super-bright luminescent proteins at their disposal.

Controlled Synthesis Of Graphene Quantum Dots

Precisely controlled graphene quantum dots could be used as fluorescent probes for metal ions, scientists say.

Engineering Giant Fluorescent Protein Crystals

A unique fluorescent protein extracted from corals can crystallize even inside the dynamic environment of the cell.