fluid dynamics

Going To The Restroom? Keep Your Mask On

Flushing public restroom toilets or urinals can spew clouds of particles carrying viruses, including COVID-19.

Solving A 130-Year-Old Fluid Dynamics Conundrum

Researchers in Japan have demonstrated that transitional flow can be demystified using existing laws of resistance in fluid dynamics.

Supercomputers Take To The Sea

The advent of powerful supercomputers represents a sea change for computational fluid dynamics, a field which is helping scientists and engineers demystify the inner workings of the ocean.

Riding The HPC Wave

Supercomputers are useful in practically every stage of the oil production process. Here are five ways they play a role in the oil and gas industry.

The Mathematics Of Spilling Water On The Table

Scientists have successfully derived a mathematical formula that predicts how droplets spread when they collide with a flat surface.

How To Reduce Drag Forces: Study Windswept Daffodils

A daffodil's uniquely-shaped, twisted stem enables it to turn away from wind and protect its petals, and could inspire better bridge design.

Faced With A Crossroads, Water Forms A Spiral Vortex

When two flows of water meet within a cross-shaped device, they behave in an intriguing way.

Directing Droplets To Cool Extremely Hot Surfaces

Micropillar structures that can direct the dance of droplets could help scientists cool hot surfaces more efficiently.

The Physics Of Salad Dressing

Contrary to the assumption that coarsening is driven by Brownian motion, scientists have shown that droplet size influences phase separation.

2014 Fifa Ball Has Stable Flight Trajectory

According to scientists from Japan, the Adidas Brazuca owes its expected stable aerodynamic performance to its six-panel design.