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Curiosity Changes The Brain To Enhance Learning

Those who are curious about a topic will not only want to know more, but will also remember more.

Brains Know When To Stop Drinking Water

Scientists have found that drinking water can activate different areas of the brain, depending on whether the subject is thirsty or satiated.

University Of Melbourne Develops Therapy For Parkinson’s Disease

The University of Melbourne and Procypra Therapeutics have agreed to develop therapy to treat Parkinson’s disease.

Two Genes Linked To Severe Childhood Epilepsies

A large scientific study has discovered two new genes that are associated with severe seizure disorders that begin in babies and early childhood.

One Step Closer To A Blood Test For Alzheimer’s

Scientists have discovered blood markers that could be used for the early detection of Alzheimer’s disease.

Fainting Spells May Be Linked To Just One Gene

A new study has revealed that fainting may be genetic and, in some families, only one gene may be responsible.

Scientists Find Gene For Hereditary Epilepsy

Researchers have tracked a hereditary gene responsible for a common form of epilepsy known as focal or partial epilepsy.