Dammed If You Do, Damned If You Don’t?

Giant dams like the Three Gorges Dam and Xayaburi Dam look set to radically shape the hydropower sector in Asia. But at what cost?

Sri Lanka Develops Cheap Rainfall Forecasting Device

The affordable, open-source device warns farmers of scanty or excessive rainfall, helping them prepare for floods and droughts.

Simple Tool Can Identify Rise In Sea Levels, Study

A team of researchers in Singapore and the United States has proposed a simple method to identify areas that are vulnerable to sea-level rise.

Scientists Study Global Warming’s Impact On Tropical Rainfall

Two competing views of the impact of global warming on tropical rainfall in fact complement each other, report scientists from China and Hawaii.

Philippine Cities Tackle Climate Change

Philippine's Davao city is fighting climate-related hazards by implementing a series of emergency response programs.