7 Must-Read Stories In November 2018

This month, our articles featuring leading ladies in science were popular; news about decaffeinated tea and probiotics also drew interest.

7 Must-Read Stories In October 2018

October was Nobel season—check out our stories on Physiology or Medicine laureates Professor Tasuku Honjo (2018) and Sir Richard J. Roberts (1993).

7 Must-Read Stories In September 2018

Asia's ascendance on the global research stage was a central theme of this month's most-read articles.

Plant-Based Preservative Delays Food Spoilage

Singapore-based scientists have discovered a method to manufacture flavonoids in yeast, also showing that these flavonoids can prolong the shelf life of food.

Germination Can Make Buckwheat More Nutritious

Germinated buckwheat has a better nutritional profile and antioxidant content than ungerminated buckwheat, scientists say.

A Dark Chocolate A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

In fantastic news for all chocolate lovers around the world, researchers say that a daily dose of dark chocolate may lower the risk of stroke and heart attack over a ten-year period.