Customizing Vaccines For Fish Health (VIDEO)

A shot or two could help keep fish diseases at bay and open floodgates to a more sustainable aquaculture practices in Asia, highlighted Dr. Jeffrey Seng.

Industrial-Scale Aquaculture Intensifies Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Researchers in China, South Korea and the UK have demonstrated that the rapid increase in aquaculture activities is associated with elevated greenhouse gas emissions.

Nuts And Bolts—Sink Or Swim With Innovation

Advanced water management systems, diagnostic kits and high-tech floating platforms are now available to the modern-day fish farmer.

Shark Fins Need To Be Struck Off The Menu, Scientists Say

Poor regulatory oversight has allowed the shark fin trade to run rampant and threaten endangered shark species, said researchers in Hong Kong and Canada.

Wound Healing On A Different Scale

A research group in Singapore has developed a method to use waste fish scales as a source of collagen for wound healing.

Dams & Mining Destabilizing The Mekong

Infrastructure development and riverbed mining along the Mekong River affect sediment flow, which is vital for soil fertility and fishes.