Scientists Identify Protein That Contributes To Fibrosis

VGLL3 protein causes fibrosis in various internal organs by overproducing collagen.

Boehringer Ingelheim And Enleofen Bio Strike Billion-Dollar Deal

Enleofen Bio will receive more than US$1 billion in earnout payments from Boehringer Ingelheim’s acquisition of worldwide exclusive rights to its preclinical interleukin-11 platform.

The Cause Of Fibrosis Found Hiding In Plain Sight

A new class of anti-fibrotic drugs may soon be in the pipeline as researchers in Singapore identify the molecule responsible for causing fibrosis in organs.

Exposing A Silent Killer: Liver Disease

Non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) is set to become the number one cause of liver transplants, but innovative imaging modalities are paving the way for much needed new drugs.

Leading The Disruption Of Tissue Imaging

HistoIndex offers fully-automated, stain- and label-free imaging systems, assisting scientists and clinicians in delivering purely objective tissue assessments and taking the guesswork out of tissue diagnosis.

Female Hormone Drug Could Help Treat Asthma

Relaxin, a hormone produced during childbirth, is anti-fibrotic—a characteristic that could help treat lungs damaged by asthma.

Shire Acquires Fibrotech For US$75 Million

Shire's acquisition of the University of Melbourne-affiliated Fibrotech highlights the potential for commercialization in public-private partnerships.

Traditional Chinese Herb To Treat Cancer

Scientists have found that a common herb used in traditional Chinese medicine may help to make cancer treatment more effective.