Nanocellulose Fibers Block Fat Uptake By Half

Nanocellulose fibers prevented the absorption of dietary fat from the guts of mice, researchers say.

Dietary Fat, Not Sugar Or Protein, Causes Weight Gain

A large-scale dietary trial in mice shows that fat, not protein or carbohydrate, was responsible for causing obesity.

Epigenetics Makes White Fat Turn Beige

Targeting specific sites on the JMJD1A protein could help researchers transform white fat into beige fat without affecting other cellular processes.

A Sugary Solution For Preventing Obesity

Researchers have identified an enzyme involved in the differentiation of fat cells that could possibly be targeted to prevent obesity.

Poor Sleep Drives Consumption Of Unhealthy Foods

Sleep deprived and craving sugary, fatty foods? Blame it on your prefrontal cortex.

Sleepy During The Day? Blame Those Fries You Ate For Lunch

Men in Australia with high fat diets are more likely to experience daytime sleepiness and suffer from sleep apnea, researchers say.