Keeping Farming Afloat With Floating Gardens

Adopting Bangladesh’s floating gardens could reduce food insecurity in parts of the world prone to flooding because of climate change.

Forget Cats, AI Now Spots Lame Cows

Too busy to watch your cows? Let artificial intelligence do it for you.

7 Must-Read Stories In May 2015

From classical music to educational achievements, there are the top stories that captured your attention in May.

Comparing Cousins To Unravel The Secrets Of Silk

A transcriptomic analysis comparing domesticated and non-domesticated silkworm species has identified genes controlling silk color and structure.

In The Heat: India’s Heatwave And The Future Crisis

Even as the death toll from India's heatwave continues to rise, there is more to come in the form of crop damage, writes Liz Hanna.

Organic Farming Can Turn Agriculture Ecosystem Into Carbon Sinks

Replacing chemical fertilizer with organic manure not only reduces greenhouse gas emissions but also improves the quality of the soil.

The Importance Of Silicon In Rice Production

Silicon is not only useful for computer chips but also an important micronutrient for rice crops, scientists say.

Data Reveals A Century Of Spectacular Wheat Yields In China

China's wheat productivity has gone from one tonne per hectare in 1945 to five tonnes per hectare in 2013.

Sri Lankan Farmers Told To Adapt To Changing Climate

Climate change has caused Sri Lanka’s rice outputs to fall to their lowest levels since 2010, according to FAO estimates.

Agricultural Intensification Could Run Up High Bills In The Long-Run

Maximizing crop yields on existing farms to reduce deforestation in developing countries may become financially untenable in the long-term, researchers say.