Women Get More Out Of Exercise Than Men Do

Researchers say that the study findings might encourage more women to start exercising.

MOTIVATE: Empowering Stroke Survivors To Stay Physically Active

Co-designed with stroke survivors, MOTIVATE is a multisector collaborative initiative for stroke recovery led by the Singapore Institute of Technology.

Exercising With Others Is More Likely To Reduce Dementia Risk

Incorporating social interaction into exercise routines may enhance cognitive resilience in older adults, shows a study from Japan.

Exercise During Pregnancy Boosts Babies’ Health

Moderate exercise before and during pregnancy promotes healthy fetal development through DNA methylation, researchers in Singapore find.

Turning The Hourglass Sideways

Science is challenging the notion that aging is an inescapable fact of life. Here are six strategies that have been shown to prolong life in model organisms, and, in some cases, even humans.

Tai Chi May Help Reduce Blood Pressure

Traditional Chinese exercises such as Tai Chi, Qigong and Baduanjin have been found to have beneficial effects on blood pressure in people living with heart disease.

Long Nights And Lazy Days Could Mean An Early Grave

The combination of sleeping and sitting too much plus a lack of exercise is a triple threat to your health, increasing your risk of dying by four times.

Substitute Out Sedentary Activities To Avoid An Early Death

Even sleeping is better than vegging out in front of the TV if you are sleep deprived, scientists say.

Exercise Triggers The Phosphorylation Of A Thousand Proteins

Over a thousand proteins are phosphorylated within ten minutes of exercise, suggesting that drugs to mimic exercise will have to target multiple pathways.

Sedentary Behavior Linked To Fatty Liver Disease

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease joins the growing list of problems associated with sitting down for too long.