A Dino Locked Inside A Bird Skull

A tiny bird skull uncovered in China provides clues to early birds’ jaws sharing similar functions with their dinosaur ancestors than modern birds.

Rewriting The (Under)story Of Rapid Bird Evolution

Contrary to typically long evolutionary timeframes, Sulawesi babblers have diversified surprisingly quickly on Indonesia's islands.
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Philippines’ Indigenous Ayta Carry Most Denisovan Ancestry

The Ayta Magbukon people have the highest levels of DNA from Denisovans globally, revealed genetic evidence from 118 Philippine ethnic groups.

Asian Scientist Magazine’s June 2021 Roundup

Across Asia, scientists are uncovering the paths walked by ancient animals and looking for new ways to tackle dengue and climate change.

Dragon Man Discovery Rewrites Evolutionary History

The ‘Dragon Man’ skull uncovered by researchers from China could be a new species more closely related to modern humans than Neanderthals.

Tracing The Origins Of Giant Viruses

Don't be fooled by their size—giant viruses are more closely related to eukaryotes compared to bacteria or even small viruses, say researchers from India.

Tell-Tail Signs Of A New Asian Dinosaur

Based on its highly distinctive tail, scientists have uncovered the remains of a large dinosaur known as a rebbachisaurid in Uzbekistan—the first of its kind in Asia.

Unearthing The Origins Of Flowering Plants

By scrutinizing collections of extinct plants, researchers have found the missing link between seed-bearing and flowering plants.

Asian Scientist Magazine’s March 2021 Roundup

Embark on a billion-year scientific odyssey through Asian Scientist Magazine’s top stories from March 2021.

Mapping Ancient Migration In The Philippines

The Philippines' largest-ever DNA mapping study has revealed that climate change spurred at least five waves of migration to the country over 50,000 years.