Ethics Of Using Care Robots For Older People

Study from Japan shows that involving older people while developing care robots for them will help alleviate their concerns about using robots.

Defining A Better AI Future For All

Artificial intelligence is everywhere, but it also needs to be ethical. For some, the path towards ethical AI starts with how we talk about it.

Keeping Smart City Algorithms Accountable

Although artificial intelligence promises to give city planners unprecedented insight into urban life, humans must remain involved in decision making.

Is It Possible For AI To Be Ethical?

Given the complexities of human morality, it might be impossible to design ethical AI; but developers should nonetheless always be alert to potential biases.

Chinese Scientists Successfully Clone Macaques

The twin macaques, named Zhong Zhong and Hua Hua, are the first primates to be cloned using somatic cell nuclear transfer.

The Board Will Now Vote

Well-structured corporate governance frameworks are necessary to ensure that companies adhere to ethics and best practices, says SMU Professor Toru Yoshikawa.

Publish Or Perish Culture Encourages Scientists To Cut Corners

Sadly, the intense pressure of academic research drives some scientists to breach ethical codes. What can be done about it?

Cartilage Regeneration With Fetal-derived Tissue

An in vitro study has suggested that fetal cartilage-derived progenitor cells are a more active source of cells in cartilage cell replacement therapy compared to mesenchymal stem cells.

Embryo Editing Paper Stirs Scientific Controversy

Hot on the heels of a call for a moratorium, researchers in China have successfully edited the genome of human embryos.

Cockroach Capers

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