7 Best Practices From Singapore’s Pandemic Preparedness Playbook

Amid the COVID-19 outbreak, Singapore has won praise for its ‘gold standard’ response. Still, Singaporean medical leaders caution that several critical issues must first be addressed to quell the ongoing epidemic.

Asia’s Scientific Trailblazers: Malik Peiris

Inspired by French microbiologist Louis Pasteur, Professor Malik Peiris decided to specialize in virology, which led him to play a critical role in the identification and characterisation of the SARS coronavirus.

Between Panic And Complacency

Communicating the risks of infectious diseases as diverse as MERS and hepatitis C may not be easy, but is nonetheless essential.

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Taiwan Faces Worst Dengue Outbreak In A Decade

India, China and Taiwan are all currently battling an ongoing dengue outbreak, with tens of thousands of cases.

Of Epidemics And The End Of The World

Sure, pandemics can be scary and shouldn't be taken too lightly. But don't let Hollywood-style hysteria take over either.

Thailand Reports First MERS Case

Thailand's first MERS patient is believed to have brought in the disease from Oman and not South Korea.

Fast Evolving Flu Viruses Spread More Among Adults

Scientists have shown how both human behavior and virus biology affect which strains of influenza are in circulation.