environmental sciences

Survival At Stake In Humanity’s Relationship With Nature

To restore humanity’s relationship with nature, international collaboration and policy, civic society engagement, changing behaviors and shifting mindsets are needed.

Advancing Agriculture In Asia

Asia’s exponential economic growth combined with its vulnerability to threats like climate change has spurred exciting innovations from researchers in the region.

Science’s Seismic Shift Towards Asia

The world’s scientific center of gravity is shifting towards Asia—where, given current projections, it will probably long remain.

7 Must-Read Stories In December 2018

From diagnosing disease to exploring the far side of the moon, these were the seven most popular stories in December 2018.

Winners Of 2018 Nikkei Asia Prizes Announced

A Chinese environmentalist, a Vietnamese pediatrician and an Indian reformer have been awarded the 23rd Nikkei Asia Prizes.

Harvesting Valuable Metals From E-Waste Makes Financial Sense

Scientists in China have demonstrated that recycling valuable metals from electronic waste is cheaper than the mining of ores.

Singapore’s Top Scientists Honored At PSTA 2017

Seven of Singapore’s best scientists were recognized at the ninth President’s Science and Technology Awards.

Asia A Major Producer Of Microplastic Pollution

Eight rivers in Asia are among the top ten sources of plastic pollutants in the world’s oceans, according to research by German scientists.

7 Asian Scientists Who Love The Earth

These scientists are at the forefront of the fields of environmental sciences and geology across the region.

Even Small Scale Agriculture Threatens Rainforests: Study

It's not just big palm oil plantations that are bad. Small-scale farming that puts short term profits ahead of sustainability also damages the rain forest, study says.