Achieving A Zero Carbon Future (VIDEO)

Decarbonizing businesses is no small feat, but Unravel Carbon’s co-founder and CEO Grace Sai is up for the task, kicking off the net zero initiative in the Asia-Pacific region.

Overhead view of urban housing development with very minimal greenery present. This is a common sight in many urban settlements, especially in the Global South.

Inequitable Access To Greenspaces

Greenspace inequality in the Global South is almost twice that in the Global North, shows a study by researchers from Hong Kong and the United States.
sartorius, md8 air scanner, environmental testing

Keeping Communities Safe With Environmental Testing

Environmental testing can equip the public health system with better means to monitor and curb the spread of infectious diseases.
2021 science stories, 2021 roundup

Asian Scientist Magazine’s 2021 Roundup

Here are 10 of Asian Scientist Magazine’s top stories in 2021, highlighting scientific advances in diverse domains from COVID-19 to climate change.
science prize for women 2021, li hongying, neni sintawardani

Two From Southeast Asia Win Science Prize for Women 2021

For working to achieve clean water and clean air, Singapore's Dr. Li Hongying and Indonesia's Dr. Neni Sintawardani have won the Underwriters Laboratory-ASEAN-US Science Prize for Women 2021.

Charting Chemical Contaminants In China’s Drinking Water

High levels of synthetic chemicals have been found in the drinking water of China’s east and southwest regions, raising concerns over their potential effects to human health.

IPI’s Top 10 TechOffers Of 2019

Take a look back at some of this year's most interesting innovations found on IPI's Online Marketplace.

Tech Doing Good

From cleaning up mountains of untreated sludge to making railway stations fully solar-powered, technology is an ally to those hoping to solve Asia’s environmental problems.

A Minister On A Mission (VIDEO)

As the world awakens to the enormity of the plastic waste crisis, Malaysia’s Yeo Bee Yin has emerged as one of Southeast Asia’s most vocal champions for biodegradable plastics and a new circular economy.

UN: Asia-Pacific Unlikely To Hit Any SDG Target By 2030

A new UN report finds that many Sustainable Development Goal targets related to the environment and natural resources are registering negative trends.