Innovating Sustainable Packaging For A Cleaner Future

With innovation at the core of what they do, Singaporean packaging companies play a crucial role in ushering in a plastic-free future.

Supporting Deep Tech Leaders Of The Future (VIDEO)

As the general manager of Entrepreneur First in Singapore, Bernadette Cho enables ambitious individuals to build deep tech companies that solve global problems.

Asia’s Scientific Trailblazers: Maoi Arroyo

Biologist by training and entrepreneur by spirit, Maoi Arroyo aspires to build a strong biotechnology ecosystem in the Philippines.

Jui Lim Appointed As Incoming SGInnovate CEO

A medical doctor by training, Dr. Jui Lim brings over two decades of experience in innovation, research commercialization and investment to SGInnovate.

Positioning Biotech Start-ups For Success

From sourcing for investments to commercializing products, a panel of experts shared their advice for biotech start-ups at A*STAR’s Drug Development Week.

Freddy Boey Appointed NUS Deputy President For Innovation & Enterprise

In his new role, Professor Freddy Boey will oversee the areas of innovation, entrepreneurship, research translation and graduate studies, as well as assume leadership of NUS Enterprise.

Asia’s Rising Scientists: Shoko Takahashi

Having founded Genequest when she was still a student, Dr. Shoko Takahashi is well on her way to creating a human genome database that could help advance clinical research in Asia.

Evidence-Based Entrepreneurship

By equipping entrepreneurs with the right skills, SMU Associate Professor Reddi Kotha of the SMU Lee Kong Chian School of Business, and his fellow researcher, Dr Lim Chon-Phung, hope to expand the pool of successful business ventures.

The Voice Within May Be Toxoplasma Speaking

Toxoplasma gondii, a parasite that reproduces in cats and can infect humans, is known to alter behavior. A recent study shows that infected humans tend to be more entrepreneurial.

Tech For The Social Good

Technology gave us 140 characters, but can it also help companies deliver social impact? Panellists question the floor at SGInnovate’s first Women in Tech Evening.