endangered species

Better Protection Needed For Tiger Geckos In Vietnam

International trade in tiger geckos is decimating the population of the 19 species of lizard native to China, Vietnam and Japan.

Endangered Eels Found Using eDNA

Based on DNA shed by organisms into the environment, scientists in Japan have found a way to measure the distribution of endangered eel species in Japan.

Mahouts In Myanmar Are Younger And Less Experienced, Study Shows

Political changes and urbanization may be threatening the traditions and training of elephant handlers, or mahouts, in Myanmar.

More Than Half Of Borneo’s Orangutans Have Been Lost

In addition to habitat destruction, hunting of orangutans is a major cause of the decline in orangutan populations in Borneo.

Sumatran Tiger Population On The Road To Recovery

Conservation efforts have helped increase the population of critically endangered Sumatran tigers, according to scientists in Indonesia.

Environmental Researchers Win 2016 Mahathir Science Award

Three researchers from Australia have received the 2016 Mahathir Science Award for their extensive work on orangutans in Borneo.

Thai Tiger Numbers Are Slowly Bouncing Back

The tiger population in a Thai wildlife reserve is increasing, thanks to enhanced protection measures by the Thai government and the Wildlife Conservation Society.

Rhino, Tiger & Snow Leopard DNA Found In Traditional Chinese Medicines

The discovery of snow leopard DNA in over the counter Chinese treatments highlights the need to scrutinize the use of animal products in medicines.