From The Horse’s Mouth: Horses Can Read Human Emotions

Scientists in Japan have discovered how horses perceive human emotional cues.

When The Public Gets Personal

Crisis communication could be improved if practitioners learn to recognise the underlying emotions behind the public’s response, says SMU Professor Augustine Pang.

10 Unsolved Questions In Neuroscience

The mind still holds many mysteries today. Here, we uncover what we know about ten of them.

MRI Scans Reveal How The Brains Of Happy People Are Different

Researchers in Japan have identified an area of the brain associated with feelings of happiness using MRIs.

Towards Better Tests For Depression

The current method of testing for a precursor to depression using monetary incentives may miss out many sufferers, study says.

Children Unable To Tell Genuine From Faked Sadness

Children as old as 12 have difficulty telling the difference between true and feigned sadness, study shows.

Making Robots More Human

Sensors that help to detect human emotions could make robotics more human.

The Path Between Sight And Fear

Dangerous visual stimuli trigger an unconventional fear circuit in the brains of mice involving the lateral amygdala, study says.

Keep Calm, Anger Could Trigger A Heart Attack

An intense burst of anger could lead to a heart attack—even two hours after you've cooled down.