To Accelerate Electrons, Multiple Laser Beams Are Better Than One

Using multiple high-energy laser beamlets, researchers in Japan were able to accelerate electrons more efficiently.

Metals Show How Liquids Turn Into Glass

By cooling an organic metal material at different rates, scientists in Japan have gained a better understanding of how liquids turn into glass.

How X-Rays Are Absorbed By Matter

An X-ray beam can ionize matter in just a few hundred femtoseconds, researchers say.

Striped Battery Structure Key To Quick Charging Time

A striped arrangement of dense and loosely packed electrons helps stabilize batteries in the intermediate state, allowing rapid charging.

Accurately Measuring Plasma With Interference

Researchers have developed a method to precisely measure the electron density of plasma even at atmospheric pressure.

Physicists Solve Quantum Tunneling Mystery

Supercomputer calculations have provided attosecond-scale calibrations that can serve as a good reference point for future experiments on protein folding or electronics.

Defect-Free Topological Insulator Developed

A method to grow high quality thin films of topological insulators could have the way for next-generation low-power electronics.

Electrons Exhibit Strange Quantum Behavior

Instead of rotating uniformly as predicted by classical physics, electrons rotate at three different frequencies in a magnetic field.