Asian Scientist Magazine’s June 2021 Roundup

Across Asia, scientists are uncovering the paths walked by ancient animals and looking for new ways to tackle dengue and climate change.

The Wearables Wicking Sweat Away

Sweat, begone! Using a new technique, researchers are creating porous membranes for wearable biosensors that rapidly remove water on the skin.

Charging Tiny Electronics With WiFi

A Singapore-Japan team has devised a method to harness WiFi signals and convert them into energy, powering small electronics like LEDs in the process.

Conditioning Devices Like Pavlov’s Dogs

By associating light with pressure, the new device opens the doors for technologies that can simultaneously process and store information like the human brain.

Look Ma, No Wires: Charging The Next Generation of Brain Implants

Scientists in South Korea have developed smartphone-controlled brain implants that can be recharged without any wires.

IPI’s Top 10 Tech Offers Of 2020

In crisis there is opportunity, particularly for innovators. Check out 10 interesting Tech Offers found on IPI’s Innovation Marketplace in 2020.

Carving a Niche—An Interview With John Fung Of The Centre Of Innovation For Electronics & IoT

The Centre of Innovation for Electronics & IoT supports local enterprises in developing innovations to help grow their business and give it that competitive edge.

A Fishy Solution To Sustainable Wearable Tech

Films derived from fish scales could represent a promising alternative for more sustainable flexible electronics, including wearables and folding displays.

IPI’s Top 10 TechOffers Of 2019

Take a look back at some of this year's most interesting innovations found on IPI's Online Marketplace.

Asia’s Rising Scientists: Anjan Soumyanarayanan

Bringing together expertise in quantitative microscopy, electrical measurements and materials science, Dr. Anjan Soumyanarayanan is putting his own spin on nanoelectronics.