electronic engineering

Making MRI Machines Cheaper And More Accessible

A new MRI machine designed by researchers in Hong Kong could cost less than US$20,000 to build and operate using a standard AC power outlet.

Building The Foundations Of 5G (VIDEO)

CEO of Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology, Eugene Fitzgerald, is leading a team to develop the next generation of computer chips.

Getting Particular About Electrode-Active Materials

By modeling the particles of electrode-active materials in three dimensions, scientists in South Korea seek to improve the efficiency of power cells in electric vehicles.

A Wearable Voice Recognition Sensor

A Korean research group has developed a skin-attachable vibration sensor for voice recognition.

Engineering Self-Repairing Rechargeable Batteries

Stacking faults that occur in the material Na2RuO3 during charge-discharge cycles can be repaired due to a force known as coulombic attraction.

From Nata De Coco To Computer Screens

Cellulose nanofibers in the nata de coco snack could be used in liquid crystal displays of the future, say researchers in Japan.

10 Scientists Behind South Korea’s R&D Dominance

A global leader in research, development and innovation, South Korea is home to these 10 award-winning scientists who are pushing the frontiers of science.

Building Tiny But Powerful Lasers

Scientists from Japan and the US have used a method called Q switching to amplify the power output of a small laser.

UK, South Korea Partner On Developing 5G Technology

The South Korean government is collaborating with a research center in the UK on delivering 5G mobile communications and wireless connectivity technology.