electron microscopy

Asia’s Scientific Trailblazers: Chikashi Toyoshima

In seeking to visualize proteins at the smallest scale, Professor Chikashi Toyoshima has cemented his place as one of structural biology’s most impactful researchers.

Heavy Water Protects Dancing Molecules During Electron Microscopy

Scientists in South Korea have demonstrated that heavy water prolongs the stability of samples under an electron microscope.

Electron Microscopy Reveals How Gases Behave When Hot

Researchers have obtained a better understanding of gas dynamics by measuring the loss of energy of electrons as they pass through gas samples.

Asia’s Rising Scientists: Arun K. Shukla

Arun K. Shukla is tackling some of the most challenging questions in the field of G protein-coupled receptor biology.

Watching The Dance Of Molecules In Real Time

Using tiny and thin-walled graphene pockets to contain molecules of interest, scientists in Korea have visualized the molecular motion of polymers in real time.