The Power Of Waste Heat

Scientists from South Korea used 3D printing to develop thermoelectric inks, which helped design tubes that can convert waste heat into electricity.

The Electrifying Effect Of Bending Diamonds

Bending diamond nanoneedles close to their breaking point makes them behave like metals and conduct electricity.

Making Electricity From Microwaves

A research team in Japan has developed a highly sensitive diode capable of converting microwaves to electricity.

When Keeping Cool, Socioeconomic Status Matters

Scientists have found that lower-income households raise water consumption, while higher-income households raise energy consumption to keep cool.

Helping Microgrids Meet The Demand

Scientists have developed a computer algorithm that improves microgrid stability and reliability by making it mimic the inertia of a large power grid.

When The Switch Flips On Electricity Prices

When it comes to renewable energy, a detailed understanding of how negative electricity prices drive economic incentives can help policy-makers and energy merchants alike make better decisions.

Could The Energy Internet Actually Work?

Researchers have suggested that the energy internet—distributing electricity in a similar fashion to the actual internet—is an upgrade over the existing outdated electrical grid.

When Lightning Strikes The Clock Tower

Marty McFly and the Doc travel in time by using the energy of lightning in Back to the Future, but is it really possible to generate electricity from a lightning bolt?