The Smart City—No Risk, No Reward

Smart city collaborations are complex initiatives that often fail; yet, valuable lessons can be taken from these failures.

Happiness Is Key To A Long And Healthy Life

Happy older people have a 19 percent lower likelihood of dying compared to their less happy peers, scientists say.

Smart Diapers Developed To Ease Caregiving

Researchers have developed a sensor that can alert caregivers to soiled diapers, helping the wearers to spend 90 percent less time in wet diapers.

Hacking Is Good For Health

MIT Hacking Medicine@SG 2015 saw healthcare professionals, business people and programmers all coming together to solve the challenge of aging in place.

Calling All Hackers: MIT Hacking Medicine@SG Now Open

Whether you're a student, programmer, clinician, designer or engineer, MIT Hacking Medicine@SG wants you and your ideas!

Aging Epigenetically Reversed In Human Cell Lines

Epigenetic modification or adding glycine to cell culture media can make fibroblast cell lines young again, study says.

Air Pollution Linked To Higher Mortality

Researchers found that an increase in the PM2.5 by 10 μg/m3 was linked to a 42 percent increase in ischemic heart disease.

China’s Future TB Rates Likely To Be Driven By The Elderly

TB vaccines that work well in the elderly could be key to stemming the disease in China, scientists say.

Heating Up The Debate On Electric Fans

Contrary to current medical advice, electric fans can help the elderly cope with extreme heat, study says.

Protecting The Elderly From Seasonal Flu

Elderly patients could benefit from pretreatment with imiquimod before seasonal influenza vaccination.