Asia In The Post-COVID World

According to global futurist Parag Khanna, the biggest change in the post-pandemic era will be that more of the world’s next generation of talent will flock to Asia.

Nobel Laureate Brian Schmidt On Education In A Post-COVID World (VIDEO)

Catch Nobel Laureate Brian Schmidt as he discusses how technology can help universities respond to COVID-19 and students prepare for an uncertain future.

Universities And Governments: Partnering For Possibilities

There is no place for silos in the smart cities of the future, said experts at the QS in Conversation seminar on university-public sector partnerships held at SMU.

Asian Scientist Junior Book Series Launched

Children and parents were treated to an educational book reading session and had the opportunity to interact with a real-life scientist.

Wildtype Books Successfully Launches Asian Scientist Junior Book Series

The beautifully illustrated book series on six scientists from Asia was supported by a Kickstarter campaign and donation from City Developments Limited.

The Future Of Talent Will Not Be Graded

In a fast-changing, tech-centric future, straight As will only get you so far. Much more valuable is the agility to pick up new skills and learn on the job, said SGInnovate’s ‘Future of Talent’ panel.

NTU Singapore Tops QS Asia University Rankings

NTU Singapore rose to the top of the QS Asia University Rankings this year with improved scores for papers per faculty and student-faculty ratio.

Nine Unsung Heroes Of Healthcare

No medical degree? No problem! Here are nine ways you can still make a positive contribution to the healthcare system.

If Not Forced, Kids Are Happy To Share

Preschool kids who share of their own accord are happy to do so, but not when they are obliged to do it.

Invest In Asia-Pacific’s Children For A Better Tomorrow

Investing in Asia-Pacific's over one billion children is crucial for the region’s future growth, according to a report by UNICEF.