Early Life Nutrition Goes Digital

Digital tools are providing parents with new ways of tackling age-old parenting problems and arming researchers with data.

Here’s Why Our Skin Doesn’t Leak

Epidermal cells look like a flattened version of a tetrakaidecahedron—a 14-sided, 3D solid made out of six rectangular and eight hexagonal sides.

How To Control Eczema? With Fierce Bacterial Competition

Despite appearing normal in between flareups, the skin of eczema patients is chock-full of ‘opportunistic pathogens' but deficient in helpful bacteria.

TCM Herb Could Reduce Unsightly Scarring

Shikonin, a compound extracted from the Lithospermum erythrorhizon plant, has been shown to reduce scar formation.

Study: Probiotics Not Effective For Preventing Childhood Asthma

Taking probiotics during pregnancy or giving them to infants doesn't prevent asthma, according to a new study.

New Immune Cell Linked To Eczema, Allergies

Researchers have discovered a new type of immune cell in our skin that could be linked to eczema and other allergies.