A Potential Biomarker For The Early Detection Of Ebola

Researchers have found an microRNA-like fragment that is detectable in infected patients but not during recovery—suggesting that it could serve as a biomarker for the disease.

10 Asian Biotech Innovations To Watch In 2015

Check out these Asian biotech innovations that might soon be reaching a market near you!

Mapping The Evolution Of The 2014 Ebola Outbreak

Researchers have sequenced 175 full-length Ebola genomes, detailing the evolution of the virus during the 2014 outbreak.

Crystal Structure Of Ebola Protein Reveals RNA Binding Clamp

Researchers have successfully crystallized Ebola's nucleocapsid protein, detailing its structure to 1.8 Å resolution.

China’s Ebola Diagnostic Kit Approved By WHO

Shanghai ZJ Bio-Tech's Ebola test kit has received both Chinese FDA and WHO approval.

The Ebola Outbreak: Forgotten Far Too Soon

Rather than knee-jerk responses of aid, health systems must be strengthened as a long-term solution to epidemics, writes Annabel Tan.

Made-In-China Ebola Vaccine Clears Phase I Trials

A vaccine based on the current strain of Ebola has been shown to be safe and provoke an immune response in humans.

Whole-Virus Ebola Vaccine Protective In Monkeys

A whole-virus Ebola vaccine has been proven safe and effective in non-human primates.

Fighting Virus With Virus

A small pre-clinical trial suggests that the virus-like particles of the Kunjin virus could be used as an Ebola vaccine.

Asia Braces For Ebola: Is Biotech Our Best Bet?

Juliana Chan & Yamini Chinnuswamy take a look at the options available in our medical toolbox should Ebola reach our shores.