Clearing Cloudy Satellite Signals For Better Earth Imaging

Scientists have devised a novel cloud screening method for satellite imaging, enabling accurate and high-resolution Earth monitoring.

Uh, Oh! There’s A Crack In The Earth’s Magnetic Shield

Someone call Magneto. India's GRAPES-3 telescope recorded in 2015 a burst of galactic cosmic rays that was likely due to a 'crack' in the Earth's magnetic shield.

One Big Blow Brought Precious Metals To Earth

Gold and other precious metals on Earth may have come from one large-scale planetary impact, rather than many smaller ones.

World’s Oldest Fossils Reveal Life On Earth As Early As 3.7 Billion Years Ago

The discovery of the world's oldest fossils reveals that diverse life forms thrived on Earth 3.7 billion years ago.

It’s A Young World After All… It’s A Young, Young World

By simulating the Earth's core conditions, researchers have shown that the core could be younger than 0.7 billion years old.

Enough Oxygen 800 Million Years Before Animals

The first animals appeared on Earth only 800 million years after there was enough oxygen to support them, researchers say.

NASA Satellite Takes Pictures Of Australian Wildfires

Why are NASA satellite images of the Western Australia so lit up? Scientists have confirmed that these images show wildfires taking place.

Scientists Solve Mystery Of Earth’s Core Density

Scientists have used computer simulations to solve a long-standing mystery: What accounts for Earth’s core density?