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Asian Scientist Magazine’s March 2021 Roundup

Embark on a billion-year scientific odyssey through Asian Scientist Magazine’s top stories from March 2021.

Take My Breath Away: Future Earth To Lack Oxygen

In one billion years, scientists project that an increasingly hot Sun will trigger the Earth's return to an oxygen-poor atmosphere.

Rethinking The Rise Of The Third Pole

Researchers from China have found that the Tibetan plateau—also known as the world’s Third Pole—rose to its current height much later than previously thought.

Akira Kouchi & Naohiro Yoshida Win 2020 Miyake Prize

Two Japanese researchers have been awarded the 2020 Miyake Prize, which honors outstanding contributions in the field of materials science or earth and planetary science.

Taal Volcanic Eruption Could Trigger El Niño

The 2020 Taal volcanic eruption could prompt El Niño warming next winter, with potentially severe consequences on the global climate.

Why Volcanic Eruptions Reduce Rainfall

The stronger the El Niño warming triggered by a volcanic eruption, the greater the subsequent reduction in global rainfall, researchers say.

China’s Inland Water Quality Improves, Study Finds

Regulations to curb water pollution have resulted in an improvement in water quality in China, say Chinese scientists.

Taal Volcano Eruption Prompts Thousands To Evacuate

The Taal volcano in the Philippines spewed lava early Monday morning, its first eruption since 1977.

Deep Microbes Shed Light On Carbon Cycle

Scientists have discovered a way to track the activity of microbes that degrade hydrocarbons, which could lead to a better understanding of the Earth's carbon cycle.

Indonesia’s Deadly 2018 Quake Was A Rare Supershear

Scientists in the US have identified the Palu earthquake in Indonesia as a supershear, a particularly destructive form of seismic movement.