Staying Motivated, According To Fruit Flies

Whether flying or feasting, fruit flies are a highly motivated bunch, thanks to a protein responsible for calcium spikes in brain cells.

The Unusual Path To Impulsive Behavior

Dopamine takes an unexpected route in the brain to cause impulsive behavior, say researchers from Singapore.

Identified: Cocaine’s Targets Downstream Of Dopamine

Researchers have observed the behavior of dopamine in mice that were given cocaine, which activated a signaling pathway that was previously unknown.

Tracking Dopamine Release In Real-Time

Using refined carbon microelectrodes, researchers were able to monitor the release of dopamine in live and awake zebrafish larva.

Dopamine Keeps Movements Smooth

Researchers have shown that dopamine D1 receptors maintain the flow of information in the brain for smooth movements.

New Role For Calcium In Neurotranmitter Synthesis

Besides building strong bones, calcium is also crucial for dopamine synthesis in the brains of fruit flies.