How Domestication Made The Jujube Sweet

Genes that make jujube fruits sweet played an important role in the domestication of this popular Asian fruit.

When In Doubt, Horses Look To Humans For Help

When horses feel like they can't solve their problem, they call humans for help.

Dogs & Humans Both Interbred To Adapt

Ancient interbreeding with the Tibet grey wolf helped the Tibetan Mastiff adapt to high altitudes.

Cats Domesticated In China Much Earlier Than Once Thought

Cat domestication in China was closely related to the birth of agriculture around 8,000 BC, a process similar to that in the Near East and Egypt.

How Pigs Adapted To Altitude

A whole-genome sequencing study has undercovered the genes that helped pigs adapt to hot and cold environments at different altitudes.

What Makes Cucumbers Bitter Could Also Treat Cancer

Genetics have revealed what makes wild cucumbers bitter, research that could lead to new treatments for cancer.

Cats Were Domesticated 5,000 Years Ago In China, Study

5,000 years ago, cats lived alongside farmers in the ancient Chinese village of Quanhucun, according to a new study.

Soybeans Were Domesticated 5,500 Years Ago, Archaeologists Say

University of Oregon researchers have dated the domestication of the soybean to 5,500 years ago, around the time villages were established in northern China.

Genome Researchers Show Domesticated Rice Came From China

Scientists have discovered that the origin of domestication of rice began approximately 8,000 to 9,000 years ago in the Yangtze Valley, China.