BacCam: Capturing Images In DNA

Bacterial Camera is able to store images directly in living bacteria using optogenetics and DNA barcodes.

Cover image of Prof Dennis Lo

Dennis Lo Receives Prestigious 2022 Lasker Award

Dennis Lo was announced as the sole winner of the 2022 Lasker-DeBakey Clinical Medical Research Award for his discovery of fetal DNA in maternal blood that led to non-invasive testing for chromosomal abnormalities.

Dennis Lo Wins 2021 Breakthrough Prize In Life Sciences

Lo received the Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences for developing noninvasive genetic fetal screening tests used by millions of prospective parents worldwide.

Cell Membrane Inspires Nanoparticle Computing

The lipid nanotablet platform uses lipid bilayer membranes as a ‘chip’ to control nanoparticles and create nanoparticle-based logic gates.

How Cells Relieve DNA Replication Stress

Scientists in South Korea have identified a mechanism by which mammalian cells prevent DNA replication from stalling due to internal or external stressors.

DNA Cage Holds Silver Atoms Still For Scrutiny

Using two DNA sequences of ten nucleotides each to hold together exactly 16 silver atoms, researchers in Denmark and Japan seek to better understand the optical properties of silver nanoclusters.

Ancient DNA Gives A Peek Into South Asian Ancestry

Researchers have sequenced millennia-old DNA from an individual belonging to the Indus Valley Civilization, showing that modern Indians are likely to have descended from this ancient culture.

DNA Micropatch Helps Pattern Gold Nanorods

By controlling the orientation of DNA chains on a surface, scientists in South Korea can in turn manipulate gold nanorods to create surfaces with unique optical and electronic properties.

Locating Anticancer Drugs Lodged In DNA

A team of scientists in Japan has used tiny probes and an electrical current to find the position of anticancer drug molecules that get incorporated into DNA.

Sleep Keeps The Genome Intact, Study Finds

Sleep deprivation is associated with lower expression of DNA repair genes and a higher incidence of DNA breaks.