dna origami

Folding Drugs Into DNA Origami To Kill Tumors

Scientists in China have devised a nanotechnology platform to deliver interfering RNAs and anticancer drugs to tumors.

7 Must-Read Stories In January 2015

Whether its a new way to fold DNA or a map of the TB bacteria proteome, these technological advancements are likely to enable further research in the year ahead.

Magnetic Tweezers Speed Up DNA Origami Folding

Folding DNA nanostructures now takes just ten minutes, down from several hours using older methods.

DNA Origami Delivers Anti-Cancer Drug

DNA origami could be used to deliver harmful anti-cancer drugs in a more targeted fashion, study shows.

DNA Origami Creates 2D Structures

Scientists from Australia and the US have used DNA origami methods to turn one-dimensional nanomaterials into two dimensional structures.