disease prediction

Asia’s Rising Scientists: Ho Weang Kee

In a bid to reduce breast cancer mortality, Associate Professor Ho Weang Kee is developing a tool to catch the disease early.

10 Awesome Reasons To Love Supercomputers

From their sheer scale to the multitude of things they can do, there are many reasons to love supercomputers. Here are just ten of them!

Predicting (And Preventing) Epidemics Before They Happen

Identifying biological factors that predict which viruses are most likely to spread among humans could help prevent and contain outbreaks.

Editor’s Note – Oct 2015 Print Magazine

Don't miss our exclusive interview with Nobel laureate Professor Shuji Nakamura and special feature on science communication in the October 2015 print magazine!

Predicting Flu Outbreaks Before They Happen

Scientists have developed a way to predict outbreaks of flu even in densely populated Hong Kong, one of the global epicenters of the disease.

Predicting Dengue With Baidu

Internet-based disease surveillance methods can be up to several weeks faster than traditional methods, researchers say.