Water-Chlorinating Device Keeps Diarrhea Away

Using a device that automatically chlorinates water at public taps, scientists in Bangladesh and the US have managed to reduce child diarrhea by almost a quarter in urban Bangladesh.

What Is The Purpose Of Diarrhea?

It may be unpleasant—or even lethal in some cases—but diarrhea helps us clear certain infectious agents.

Nepal’s Slum Children At High Risk Of Diarrhea

Children living in Nepal's slums face a high risk of diarrhea, but exclusive breastfeeding infants under six months could help alleviate the situation.

Dysentery Bacteria Use Sugars To Stick Around

Shigella flexneri bacteria, which cause millions of episodes of dysentery each year, use their cell surface sugars to bind to human cells.

WHO Report Reveals Scale Of Foodborne Disease

Contaminated food kills an estimated 420,000 people each year, with Africa and Asia being the worst hit.

Oral Cholera Vaccine Shown To Be Safe & Protective

The first real-world trials of the Shanchol vaccine showed a 40 percent reduction in the most severe cases of cholera.

Anticoagulant Also Inhibits Diarrhea Bug

The discovery that heparin dose-dependently inhibits Cryptosporidium infection could lead to the development of new anti-cryptosporidial agents.

Deadly Diarrhea Caused By Wastewater Irrigation Of Crops

The use of wastewater to irrigate crops is exposing children in Asia to a high risk of rotavirus infection and other deadly disease, scientists say.

New Drug Could Ease Pain In Common Bowel Disease

Australian researchers have identified the mechanism of pain relief of a new drug for treating irritable bowel syndrome with constipation.

Pressure In Philippines To End Ban On Formula Milk Aid

The infant formula industry is pushing through legislative changes that will allow formula donations in future emergencies.