Pushing Diamond To Its Limits

Similar to how pressure turns coal into diamonds, subjecting diamonds to large amounts of strain gives desirable electronic properties to the gem.

The Electrifying Effect Of Bending Diamonds

Bending diamond nanoneedles close to their breaking point makes them behave like metals and conduct electricity.

Making A Point With Elastic Diamonds

Researchers have shaped diamonds into nanoneedles that can bend and stretch, contrary to earlier notions that diamonds are hard and brittle.

Diamond Circuits Can Take The Heat

Researchers in Japan have developed a hydrogenated diamond circuit that remains operational at 300 degrees Celsius.

The Diamond Standard Of True Randomness

Scientists have shown that shining light through a diamond can generate intrinsically random single-photon emissions.

“Super-Deep” Diamonds Are Possible, Scientists Say

A team of Japanese researchers has confirmed that it is possible for diamonds to form at the base of the Earth's mantle.

These Diamonds Don’t Just Sparkle, They Fluoresce!

By introducing germanium to the diamond crystal lattice, scientists have succeeded in producing single photons in a narrow, high energy wavelength band.

Diamonds On Demand

Most of us know that diamonds are mined from the earth, but did you know that they can also be grown in the laboratory?