Hunting For Disease Markers In ‘Junk’ DNA

An international team has developed a speedy new method to analyze thousands of noncoding variants and their links to diseases like diabetes.

No Sugar-coating Here: How Asian Food Affects Blood Sugar

To encourage healthier eating habits, researchers from Singapore have ranked common Asian foods according to their impact on blood sugar levels.

In Sickness & In Health: Married Couples Share Susceptibility To Heart Disease

Wives of men with major cardiovascular disease risk factors—namely hypertension, diabetes and dyslipidemia—are more likely to suffer from the same disorders.

High Blood Sugar Linked To Increased Risk Of COVID-19 Death

A new study in China links abnormally high blood sugar with a higher risk of death in COVID-19 patients not previously diagnosed with diabetes.

The Unique Genetics Of Diabetes In East Asians

Researchers have found 61 new genetic variants that are linked to type 2 diabetes in East Asians, which could help to personalize treatment for the chronic disease.

Smart Contact Lenses Help Manage Diabetes

Researchers in South Korea have developed smart contact lenses that can diagnose and treat diabetes.

Breastfeeding Can Reduce The Risk Of Diabetes

A study from South Korea shows that breastfeeding helps reduce the risk of maternal postpartum diabetes, even years after stopping lactation.

The Form Factor Of Sugar Matters In Weight Gain

Researchers in China have found that the consumption of sugary liquids, but not solid sugar, contributes to increased body fat in mice.

Study Reveals Gestational Diabetes Trends In India

An international team of scientists found that Indian women are more prone to gestational diabetes than Swedish women despite being leaner and having greater insulin sensitivity during pregnancy.

Finding The Cause Of Muscle Loss In Diabetes

Using mouse models of diabetes, scientists have identified the proteins WWP1 and KLF15 as key players in muscle loss under diabetic conditions.