dengue hemorrhagic fever

Predicting Dengue Fever Outbreaks In Thailand

Researchers have used demographic, weather and dengue incidence data to develop models for predicting dengue hemorrhagic fever outbreaks in Thailand.

Locating The Dengue Virus’ ‘Achilles Heel’

Scientists in Australia and China have identified an antibody protects against all four types of dengue viruses.

Daily Platelet Counts Predict Kids’ Risk Of Dengue Shock Syndrome

In a new study from Vietnam, daily platelet counts helped to identify patients who went on to develop dengue shock syndrome, a potentially lethal complication of dengue infection.

Dengue-Destroying Bacteria Can’t Take The Heat

A strain of Wolbachia bacteria being used for dengue control efforts around the world has turned out to be sensitive to high temperatures.

Dengue Risk Could Decrease In Warmer Climates: Study

Contrary to current belief, researchers predict that the risk of dengue could in fact go down in a warmer climate.

Promising Dengue Vaccine Faces Final Test

The TV003 vaccine, which researchers believe will protect against all four strains of dengue, is set to complete a phase III trial by 2018.

Chikungunya Misdiagnosis Masks True Disease Burden Worldwide

This viral disease is often misreported as better-known dengue; as such, chikungunya is likely to be found in many additional countries.

A Shot In The Arm For Dengue Control?

The world's first dengue vaccine is good news, but not a perfect solution.

Dengue And The Silent Majority

Three quarters of the people infected with dengue don't show any symptoms—and yet they are more likely to spread the disease than those who do.

Researchers Engineer Potent Antibody Against Dengue Virus

Researchers from Singapore and the U.S. have engineered a potent antibody against the dengue virus.