Saving Tigers Helped Reduce India’s Carbon Emissions

Research shows that tiger conservation interventions prevented forest loss, leading to reduced emissions and ecosystem benefits.

More Than Half Of Borneo’s Orangutans Have Been Lost

In addition to habitat destruction, hunting of orangutans is a major cause of the decline in orangutan populations in Borneo.

Deforestation Linked To Poor Health In Cambodian Children

Research in Cambodia suggests the importance of considering health impacts when assessing tradeoffs in land use planning.

China’s Bittersweet Success At Halting Forest Loss

Although satellite images show that tree cover in China is on the rise, unsustainable wood imports mean the problem may just be shifting elsewhere.

What Is Driving The Loss Of Protected Areas?

The larger the protected area, the more likely it is to experience downgrading, downsizing and degazettement.

Forests Centre Stage At 2015 Paris Climate Conference

The haze caused by forest fires in Indonesia has highlighted the vital role that forests play as a carbon sink.

Worrying Trends In Rubber Expansion Across Southeast Asia

The expansion of rubber plantations in Southeast Asia is not only destroying biodiversity but is a sub-optimal use of land, scientists say.

Japan & Vietnam Sign Forest Risk Analysis MOU

The memorandum of understanding between Japan's ISM and Vietnam's FIPI covers joint research in forest inventory and ecological informatics.

Indonesia’s Biofuel Subsidies May Speed Up Forest Loss

Planned biofuel subsidies are expected to expand palm oil plantations in Indonesia, to the detriment of the country's forests.

Carbon Sink Bolstered By Reversed Forest Loss

Wetter weather and active tree planting in China have contributed to the reversal of forest lost in the last ten years.