deep technology

Lifting The Curtain On Startup Success (VIDEO)

Angel investor and partner at Antler, Lisa Enckell uses her theatrical background to fuel collaboration among startups in the deep tech community.

Catalyzing Innovation In Deep Tech (VIDEO)

As CEO of SGInnovate, Dr. Lim Jui supports budding scientist-entrepreneurs as they leverage deep tech to take on the biggest problems of Singapore—and the world.

Back To Basis: Restoring Trust In AI (VIDEO)

BasisAI CEO Liu Feng-Yuan is championing the responsible use of artificial intelligence—helping organizations make better decisions in the process.

Supporting Deep Tech Leaders Of The Future (VIDEO)

As the general manager of Entrepreneur First in Singapore, Bernadette Cho enables ambitious individuals to build deep tech companies that solve global problems.

Jui Lim Appointed As Incoming SGInnovate CEO

A medical doctor by training, Dr. Jui Lim brings over two decades of experience in innovation, research commercialization and investment to SGInnovate.

SGInnovate’s Founding CEO To Lead Singularity University

As the founding CEO of SGInnovate, Mr Steve Leonard helped establish a team that has built and invested in 90 deep tech startups since 2016. He will assume the role of CEO at Singularity University in May 2020.

Advancing Accountability

Using blockchain technology, the flow of welfare provisions and humanitarian aid through needy communities can be tracked and optimised for maximum impact, says AID:Tech’s Mr Niall Dennehy.

Empiricon: Where Tech And Sustainability Meet

Over 30 panelists from fashion, sustainability, medicine, food science and tech will discuss issues such as zero waste, conscious fashion, and the future of health at Empiricon 2019.

Getting A Slice Of The Quantum Computing Pie

Quantum computers herald a new age of digitalization and progress, and startups are well-positioned to take this technology to the market, say experts.

The Sweet Sound Of Innovation

Elizabeth Williams, co-founder and CEO of Hemideina, is developing an alternative cochlear implant solution inspired by the auditory systems of insects.