deep learning

Technologies Driving The Future Of HPC

Take a look at the innovations that are unlocking the power of high performance computing to solve grand challenges in research and industry alike.

Helping Computers ‘See’ Through Darkness And Rain

To advance computer vision, researchers developed neural network algorithms to enhance videos of rainy and night scenes.

Deep Learning Helps Robots Control Their Limbs

Deep reinforcement learning has helped walking robots coordinate complex movements with motor synergy just like humans do.

Nuts & Bolts—Hot Off The (3D) Printing Press

Though 3D printing has been around for a while, it’s still regarded by many as a niche technology. These three TechOffers promise to finally bring 3D printing into the mainstream.

Students Take The Stage

Given time, training and resources, students can achieve amazing feats, as demonstrated by the teams taking part in the 2019 APAC HPC-AI Competition.

Deep Learning Predicts Disease-Related Mutations

Scientists in Hong Kong and the US have developed a deep learning approach to predict mutations in the metal ion binding sites of proteins.

The (Software) Bug Doctor

SMU Associate Professor David Lo has developed automated solutions to help software developers efficiently detect and repair defects in their code.

Metamaterials Designed By Deep Learning

Designing metamaterials just got easier and more systematic with this deep learning program developed by researchers in South Korea.

All Eyes On The Future

Supercomputers play a key role in artificial intelligence-enabled computer vision, says SenseTime co-founder Lin Dahua.

Deep Learning Aids Quake And Tsunami Detection

Deep neural networks have been used to detect magnetic field anomalies, which could allow faster and more accurate detection of earthquakes and tsunamis.