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Zebra Finch Parents’ Song Prepare Unborn Chicks For Global Warming

A zebrafinch’s dulcet tones can help the unborn chicks in its eggs prepare for a warmer environment, a study suggests.

A Bearded Dragon Displays Its True Colors On Its Neck Or Back

Bearded dragons are able to partition color change to specific body parts, depending on whether they are responding to temperature or communicating with other lizards.

Increased Anxiety Associated With Sitting Down

A meta-analysis has revealed that sedentary activities are associated with mental health conditions such as anxiety.

Diamonds On Demand, For Research

Researchers in Australia now have the ability to fabricate ultra high-purity diamonds at the new Diamond Deposition Suite.

Obesity Causes Bone And Muscle Loss In Men, Study

As men get fatter, their bones and muscles get weaker, an Australian study has found.

Study Asks What Type Of Drinker Are You?

RMIT University researchers have studied thousands of alcohol drinkers to reveal four types of drinkers.

Starry-Eyed Dung Beetles And Inside-Out Beer Goggles … It’s Ig Nobel Time

Scientists from Japan and Thailand have the dubious honor of being awarded this year's Ig Nobel Prize for Medicine and Public Health, respectively.

Nanomaterial Extracts Oils & Pollutants From Water, Study

Researchers report a new strategy for removing oils and other organic pollutants from water using a re-usable nanomaterial.

Deakin & TERI Open Nanobiotechnology Lab In Gurgaon, India

Deakin University and The Energy and Resources Institute have opened a state-of-the-art nanotechnology laboratory in Gual Pahari, Gurgaon.

Big Hips? It May Protect You From Diabetes And Heart Disease

A study has found that people with big hips and a small waist are at the lowest end of the risk scale for premature death, and people with small hips and a large waist are at the highest risk.