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#ExtremeWeather Updates: How Trending Posts Save Lives

Harnessing real-time conversational data from social networking platforms can provide life-saving information amidst extreme weather events.

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Three Technologies Driving The Future Of Mental Healthcare

Digital innovation can paint a brighter future for diagnosing and treating mental health conditions, but achieving an equitable ecosystem needs careful evaluation of the technologies involved.
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Envisioning A Digital Approach To Mental Well-being

With data and analytics shaping the future of mental healthcare, Singapore is in a prime position to harness technology to foster well-being, says Professor Benjamin Seet of the National Healthcare Group.

Keeping Smart City Algorithms Accountable

Although artificial intelligence promises to give city planners unprecedented insight into urban life, humans must remain involved in decision making.

Making Hospital Medical Decisions Safer

A team of researchers and clinicians led by SMU Associate Professor Daniel Zheng is using advance data analytics to improve patient outcomes in hospitals.

Getting The Most Out Of Data

Relying on ‘greedy’ algorithms may net short-term gains but investing in machine learning and decision optimization will boost a company’s efficiency over the long haul, said IBM experts.

SMU Launches US$3.3 Million Center For AI And Data Governance

The new Center for AI and Data Governance will focus on three integrated streams—AI and society; AI and industry; and AI and commercialization.

Nuts And Bolts—It’s All About The Connection

From managing customer relations to figuring out emotions and providing wireless connectivity, digital solutions are currently available.

Intuition In The Age Of Information

Data may rule the digital age, but it cannot completely replace gut instinct and business experience, says Professor Li Yan of ESSEC Business School, Asia-Pacific.

A Sense Of Purpose

With advanced sensor technology and real-time analytics, researchers at SMU’s LiveLabs are turning data from smartphones, wearable devices and the physical environment into powerful insights.