When Beliefs Cross Borders

The international movement of religions and people impacts identities, communities and societal integration, said speakers at the East Asian Society for the Scientific Study of Religion’s inaugural conference.

New Language Found In Southeast Asia (VIDEO)

Researchers have discovered a new language spoken by about 280 people in a small village in northern peninsula Malaysia.

Balancing The Sacred And The Secular

SMU Provost Lily Kong, widely regarded as one of the world’s leading social and cultural geographers, studies the complexities that surround a society’s religious spaces and practices.

How Culture Shapes Our Behaviour

Research by SMU Assistant Professor Cheng Chi-Ying is unlocking how our cultural identity shapes our lives and attitudes, even at a subconscious level.

How Babies Pay Attention Is Shaped By Their Culture

The way that 24-month-olds pay attention to objects and actions of people around them is influenced by the culture and communities they grow up in.

Home-Culture Images May Impair Second-Language Skills, Study

A new study shows that exposure to home culture images may impair second-language skills in bicultural individuals.